Birds of Paradise


Bird Stem.jpg

The Birds of Paradise, also known as Strelitzia Reginae, is a show stopper. We offer two types of grades: "Super" and "Premium". Some of the benefits of our flowers include their vibrant orange and purple colors, the consistent quality and the freshness that comes from our packaging and delivery process.


Flower size: 21-23 cm

Stem size: 75-80 cm

Packaging: quarter box (40 stems per box)


Flower size: 25 cm

Stem size: 75-80 cm

Packaging: quarter box (40 stems per box)

Consumer bunch 2.jpg

consumer bunch

Our consumer bunch is another type of configuration we sell at Designer Cut Flowers. Each bunch comes with 3 stems and 2 leaves. We also offer the leaves sold separately. 

"Consumer Bunch"

Flower size: 21-23 cm

Stem size: 50 cm

Packaging: quarter box (10 consumer bunches per box)


Length: 50 cm

Width: 15 cm

Packaging: quarter box (80 leaves per box)