Ti Leaves

Add some foliage flair to your arrangements! The typical foliage is thought to be green, but we have other colors to offer. The different sizes, shapes and colors of our Ti leaves can be combined to create something beautiful. Mixed assortments of sizes and varieties are available upon request.

Sizes include:

Green Ti- 60, 80, 90 cm

Purple Ti- 50 cm

Red Shiny Ti- 50 cm

Variegated Ti- 60 cm

Xerox Ti- 50 cm

Monstera .png


The Monstera leaf is the hottest trending foliage. They are attention grabbing and give a tropical look to any room. Paired with vibrant flowers, an arrangement with these leaves would be a show stopper.

Sizes include:

small: 25cm, medium: 30cm and large: 42cm

Mixed assortment of sizes is available upon request.